Hi, I'm John.

This is who I am, and these are my skills!

I’m a designer with over a decade of experience working with PhotoShop and Illustrator and 2 years with InDesign. While I mainly do offset/digital print projects. I also do some video editing and am currently building up web design experience.

I’m an avid media consumer and lover of anything artistic and I try to keep up with the latest trends to not only better my work but out of sheer interest.

If you are viewing this on a phone and it is broken, it is being fixed in the next day. I wanted to upload this placeholder quickly.

Pre-Press Designing

The right Colors, delivered from Me to You are key.

From everything like booklets to posters, cards, t-shirts or anything offset; I will offer high quality pdf's with outlined fonts, proper dpi, trapping and imposition standards.

Digital & Illustration Design

Need Artwork? Want to make your own discord animations?

From Gif Banner ads to svg animations, video animations or Illustrations, I will offer high-quality renders with the latest optimisations.

Web Design

Where I'm concentrating current efforts!

I can currently create warframes, mockups, e-mails, html/css pages and svg animations. But am currently learning more languages.


See if I'm the right fit for you!

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